Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rape Victim tracks down Suspects on Facebook

A woman in Kolkata, who was allegedly raped at gunpoint inside a moving car, tracked down the rapists on Social networking site Facebook and filed a complaint against them.

The woman is a mother of two. She alleged that she was raped at gunpoint in a moving car. The victim searched the suspects on Facebook and luckily she found them on the site and collected their photographs and profiles to file a complaint against them.

However, the victim alleged that the police mocked her when she went to the police station for filing an FIR. Describing the callousness of the police, she said that they behaved very badly with her.

The Kolkata police picked up one of the suspects matching with profile and his friend for interrogation on Wednesday evening. The victim was called to identify the suspect. When she could not identify them, she was questioned throughout night till 5 AM on Thursday.

Later, it was confirmed that the one of the suspects was in Canada.

The incident took place when she was offered a lift by four men near a nightclub on February 5. She searched the names of the people on Facebook and found their profiles. When she approached police for the complaint, she was mocked.

An inquiry has been ordered to probe the allegation against the policemen.

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