Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hollywood Screenwriter Nora Ephron dies at 71

Oscar-nominated Hollywood Screenwriter Nora Ephron has died of pneumonia at the age of 71. She has written great romantic comedies like ''When Harry met Sally’ and ''Sleepless in Seattle''.

Ephron had suffered from acute myeloid leukemia and brought to the hospital on Monday. She died on Tuesday evening at New York's Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center surrounded by her relatives including her son Jacob Bernstein.

For the last time Ephron had written and directed film "Julia and Julia" in 2009 in which she worked alongside Meryl Streep. Nora was a journalist, essayist, writer as well as producer and director from the US.

Ephron was born to screenwriters Phoebe and Henry Ephron on May 19, 1941 in New York in a Jewish family. She graduated from Beverly Hills High School majoring in political science in 1958.

Nora started to write for the weekly newspaper at the Wellesley College. She also wrote for Esquire and New York Magazine, the New York Post and the New York Times.

Coming to her career as a playwright, she had portrayed her own experience in some of her famous productions. In "Silkwood", her first screenplay in 1983, she told about the Cold War fear of nuclear energy of that era.

The writer’s novel "Heartburn" was based on her marriage to Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein which was made a film in 1986. However, she is best known for "When Harry met Sally" starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, for which she won an Oscar nomination.

It is said about the great soul that "From her earliest days at New York City's newspapers to her biggest Hollywood successes, Nora always loved a good New York story, and she could tell them like no one else."

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Manmohan pledges $10 billion to fight Eurozone Crisis

Even as India struggle to ward off the worst-ever economic crisis that has gripped the country, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has pleddged $10 billion to the IMF to fight the Eurozone debt crisis. 
Manmohan made the announcement at the G-20 summit even as countries like the US and the UK refused to give any aid. The Indian PM urged the G-20 countries to take stock of the situation and step in to resolve the crisis.

Dr. Singh further said that the declining economic growth in the Eurozone can affect the world economy in a more negative way; hence a positive approach is needed to avoid any worst kind of situation.

"The G-20 countries should send a strong signal to the markets that the eurozone countries will make every effort to protect the banking systems and the global community will back a credible eurozone effort and response.” But Europe would have to do its bit too, he said.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Taliban kill woman Pakistani Singer in Peshawar

The crackdown on women for their education and exposure to public still continues in Taliban dominated areas of Pakistan. Recently a popular singer, who had fled the Islamic terrorist group, was reportedly shot dead by in Peshawar. 

Ghazala Javed, 24, was shot six times by assailants. Her father, who was with her, was also killed by Taliban. However, police believe that Taliban was not responsible for the killings. They suspected her ex-husband might have killed the singer. 

Police said two assailants on a bike opened fire at Javed and her father and fled leaving them in a pool of blood in the northwestern city of Peshawar. While the singer was shot six times, one bullet killed her father. 

Police said that the murder seems to be out of some internal and family dispute of Javed. 

Javed was a popular singer in Peshawar. She had fled to the city in 2009 after Taliban launched crackdown in northwestern district of Swat. The district was under control of Taliban from the year 20o7 to 2009. The civilians were living under fear as the militants were killing, beheading people. Even the girls' schools and music shops were under attack.  

Javed fled to Peshawar in search of her own recognition and fame in music world. She had sung in her native Pashto language and more than two dozen albums were popular among Pashto speakers in the city. 

She had tied the knot with a businessman Jahangir Khan in 2010. Later she sought divorce from him after she came to know that his husband has another wife. The singer, who always wanted freedom, her husband wanted to prevent her from singing.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Magazine banned for publishing Lewd Jokes in Gujarat

The Gujarat government has banned a magazine, which were supplied to thousands of state-run schools in the state, for containing lewd jokes. 

Gujarat Minister of State for Education Raman Vora said that the 'Puzzle Magic' was banned because of containing four pages of lewd jokes in its May issue. The copies have been distributed to 35,000 government schools in the state.

The schools under 'Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan', which are meant to develop reading habits of children, to improve their general knowledge and to increase interest in subjects like science and mathematics, should not have such magazine of lewd jokes, which will create a deep impact on the mind of the small kid. 

In fact, the magazine was published and printed by Amisha Printers and Publishers. However, the printer had sub-contracted the work to Golibar Publications, which had printed and supplied the magazine to all the schools.

Taking a tough action against the magazine, the government had issued a notice to the publishing firm for distributing the magazine without the government's clearance. 

However, the magazine was supplied violating the contract of work order. The government has cancelled the work order of the publisher and blacklisted the magazine for the violation.

Monday, June 11, 2012

In today’s scenario, there is a cut throat competition and to earn money is everybody’s need. 

But earning good package is not everybody’s cup of tea.

There is a rule that RBI can issue limited currency and population is much more so scarcity arises and to earn money there are only two scope.

Either to do job or to run a business.

Business cannot be done by all the people so they have to do  the job.

There are many elements which are very important in job.



There are two aspects of power negative and positive.

It depends on the person how he uses it.

Power gives status in company but not help in personal life to fulfil the augmented need.

We do not give priority to power in job.


People need position but it requires qualification and all are not qualified.

Higher the position, higher the salary and people’s ultimate goal is salary.

Position gives recognition and status in society.

To obtain position, it requires experience and long time.

So as a fresher we think that position is a future prospect.


Everybody needs good package of salary.

In each and every person whether qualified or not, he demands high salary.

Now a day the value of money has gone down and things become costly so people demand 
more money and give importance to salary compare to other aspects.

We do not give priority to salary.


There are government and private companies. Government companies give less salary compare to private companies but it gives more security to the people.

That is the reason people prefer Government Company.

There is saying, “THE NAME IS ENOUGH”

If the company has goodwill in the market, people think that their growth will be high.

We also give priority to company because if the company is good then the growth is high.

Growth will bring position, power  and high salary.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Microsoft unveils Xbox Music

Microsoft unveils the details of its latest two concepts, the Xbox Music and the Xbox SmartGlass at the E3 gaming event on Monday. Out of these two, Xbox Music is a service that will be available on the console, Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices.

The company also disclosed that the service will offer 30 million tracks to boot on the Xbox, as well as Windows 8 devices such as PCs and tablets including the Smart DJ service that is available on the current Zune service.

The announcement is said to be a part of Microsoft's effort to turn the Xbox video game console into the entertainment hub of the home. 

The Xbox Music service is also expected to work with phones as well. 

Earlier Sony had brought music to many devices, including the PlayStation and multiple mobile devices. 

However, not much detail about the music were revealed either during the demo or in the teaser but all that could be observed was a Metro-styled music service that is identical to Zune. 

Even the date of release of the service has not been specified yet. But one thing has been confirmed that Xbox Music will replace Zune, Microsoft’s current music streaming service on Xbox.