Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Microsoft unveils Xbox Music

Microsoft unveils the details of its latest two concepts, the Xbox Music and the Xbox SmartGlass at the E3 gaming event on Monday. Out of these two, Xbox Music is a service that will be available on the console, Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices.

The company also disclosed that the service will offer 30 million tracks to boot on the Xbox, as well as Windows 8 devices such as PCs and tablets including the Smart DJ service that is available on the current Zune service.

The announcement is said to be a part of Microsoft's effort to turn the Xbox video game console into the entertainment hub of the home. 

The Xbox Music service is also expected to work with phones as well. 

Earlier Sony had brought music to many devices, including the PlayStation and multiple mobile devices. 

However, not much detail about the music were revealed either during the demo or in the teaser but all that could be observed was a Metro-styled music service that is identical to Zune. 

Even the date of release of the service has not been specified yet. But one thing has been confirmed that Xbox Music will replace Zune, Microsoft’s current music streaming service on Xbox.

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