Monday, June 11, 2012

In today’s scenario, there is a cut throat competition and to earn money is everybody’s need. 

But earning good package is not everybody’s cup of tea.

There is a rule that RBI can issue limited currency and population is much more so scarcity arises and to earn money there are only two scope.

Either to do job or to run a business.

Business cannot be done by all the people so they have to do  the job.

There are many elements which are very important in job.



There are two aspects of power negative and positive.

It depends on the person how he uses it.

Power gives status in company but not help in personal life to fulfil the augmented need.

We do not give priority to power in job.


People need position but it requires qualification and all are not qualified.

Higher the position, higher the salary and people’s ultimate goal is salary.

Position gives recognition and status in society.

To obtain position, it requires experience and long time.

So as a fresher we think that position is a future prospect.


Everybody needs good package of salary.

In each and every person whether qualified or not, he demands high salary.

Now a day the value of money has gone down and things become costly so people demand 
more money and give importance to salary compare to other aspects.

We do not give priority to salary.


There are government and private companies. Government companies give less salary compare to private companies but it gives more security to the people.

That is the reason people prefer Government Company.

There is saying, “THE NAME IS ENOUGH”

If the company has goodwill in the market, people think that their growth will be high.

We also give priority to company because if the company is good then the growth is high.

Growth will bring position, power  and high salary.

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