Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sasikala apologises to Jayalalithaa, claims Innocence PDF

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalitaa's estranged friend Sasikala, who was expelled from her party AIADMK, apologised to her claiming that she was innocent.

Sasikala is trying to patch up the decade-long her relationship with Jayalalitaa after she was thrown out of the AIADMK chief's house. She said that she could not conspire against her friend even in her dream.

She also denied any knowledge about a conspiracy plotted by her relatives against AIADMK supremo Jayalalitaa.

In a statement, Sasikala, who was the most powerful woman without holding a key post in the government, said, "I've not thought ill of Jayalalithaa even in my dream".

"I have snapped ties with everyone who betrayed Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa. I had no clue that these relatives of mine hatched a conspiracy against her. I can never forgive them", she said.

The woman, who had been living at Jayalalithaa's residence for 24 years and she was treated like her sister, was thrown out of her house for interfering in the postings of bureaucrats.

Both Jayalalithaa and Sasikala were seen together in February in a courtroom in Bangalore where they are facing trial for corruption.

The Tehelka had reported that Sasikala and her relatives were expelled from the AIADMK after Jayalalitaa was confirmed that her close aide along with the relatives is conspiring against her.

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