Monday, April 23, 2012

Child Care: Stop Pampering Your Kids

Most of the time we the parents, pamper our children ahead of any limits, we go out of our way to do things for them, our heart plainly bleeds if our child has to do some work.

There are mothers who won’t allow their sons to even fetch a glass of water. Usually the boys are pampered a lot in our society than the girls.

Pampering your kids means giving those things which are not required for their mental or physical being. Just to fulfill the wishes of your kid, you give them certain things which are waste for them.

Overindulgence of gifts as a sign of love is not required because then kids get spoiled. Over-pampering can also mean fulfilling all the desires of children even if it is not a necessity.

A child who is pampered in his growing up days, whose all whims and fancies are gratified to, who is used to having his own way, who is made to feel special by his parents may become an adult who is an egoistic, attentions seeking and difficult to adjust with situation types.

The parents who pamper their kids usually spoil them because then the kids tend to take parents love for granted. Working mothers or parents who do not have time for their kids tend to compensate by gifts.

Usually parents pamper kids to express love which in turn leads to spoiled kids. Kids who are excessively pampered by their parents tend to get very dominating. They become very aggressive and retaliate against anything spoken to them.

Pampering your kids is not wrong, going overboard is not correct. The parents should teach those words like adjustments, compromise and giving in. They can also teach them that they are not right always; there are others who could be better than them.

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