Monday, April 16, 2012

Husband and Wife - Two Sides of a Coin

A husband and wife cannot live entirely independently of one another without paying an abrupt price for it. It makes them incomplete and deficient.

As both of them are physically, mentally and chemically different but tied in a same bond of marriage, so it is not wrong to say that husband and wife are ‘two sides of a coin.’

In the wife-husband relationship, the difference in problem solving can itself be a problem. He might think that she’s talking and sharing things when she should be trying to figure it out herself.

And, she might think he’s not even worried about something because he’s not talking about it .When in reality, it’s on his mind all the time and he’s just not pointing it out and women solve problems when they talk about them. They explore all the angles of the issue and how they feel about it, and often in doing so a solution appears.

One of the keys to understanding the wife husband relationship is to realize just how different men and women really are. Aside from the obvious physical differences, the sexes are different emotionally and mentally, too. But in a common relationship they have to think for their partner being opposite to each other.

Of course, not every wife husband relationship will happen exactly like above. Some men will talk out a problem and some women will be tight-lipped about it. But in general, the sexes can be expected to follow these typically patterns as the sides of a coin. Wife is perfect according to her and so is the husband.

In marriage, both of them come together regardless of differences, by the law of nature to physically propagate, chemically share emotions & sensitivities and thus mentally enjoy each other company till death does them apart. In spite of differences, they stick together almost like "two sides of a coin" sharing a common fortune through hot and cold weathering all depths and highs.

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