Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fans of ‘Chandragupta Maurya’ organize rally in Mumbai

Enthusiastic fans of the most popular historical TV serial Chandragupta Maurya organized a massive rally at Zuhu in Mumbai with a demand for return back of the show. Lead actors of the show Manish Wadhwa (Chanakya), Sooraj Thapar (Dhananand) and Tej Sapru (Tej Sapru) also attended the rally to thank their loving fans for the support.
“In my career of over two decades I haven't seen fans showing so much love to see a show back on air. Hence when we got to know that people have organized rallies across the country, we went to visit them in Mumbai and thank them for showering so much love” said Sooraj Thapar during the rally.
Udit Rajpara, a dedicated fan of the show said, “Sony had agreed to air Chandragupta Maurya, but the NOC required for the same from Imagine TV has yet not been issued after a period of three months".
Naveen Dhawan was the person who actually arranged the rally, which also displayed street plays in favor of the show and against the decision of channels to air the useless ‘Saas-bahu’ serials that is merely done for TRP.
Earlier rallies were also organized in Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore. The official ‘Save Chandragupta Maurya Show’ Facebook page has a huge fan following across the globe.


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