Sunday, August 5, 2012

Colleagues pay tribute to slain Maruti manager

Colleagues and relatives ofAwanish Kumar Dev, the Maruti Suzuki General Manager HR who died in the July 18 violence at the company's Manesar plant, gathered and lighted candles in his memory at Leisure Valley Park in Sector 29 on Sunday evening. Nearly 200 people, including women and children, protested the government's "inaction" and sought justice for Dev. 

Demanding that organizations and the government ensure the safety of employees, people, carrying "Justice for Awanish" placards and candles in their hands, took out a small procession. A two-minute silence was also observed. 

Samrendra Kumar, an HR consultant who organised the vigil along with few other colleagues, said "It's not a protest but a pressure group which will remind the government to take action. Until now there have only been talks but no action. Where are the culprits who did this? They claim they had arrested all the 12 union leaders responsible for the incident on the same day. How is it possible? Others say it was pre-planned, if so then what happened to our intelligence?" The incident also puts a question mark on the measures taken by the organization and the government for workers' safety, he added.

Recalling the incident, Salil Lal, who was stuck with Awanish in the fire inside the Maruti plant and beaten by the union members, said, "There was frenzy all over suddenly. 

Awanish's wife, who was not present, sent a text message reading "Thanks for the support. This will keep pressure on them. Please keep up the pressure." 

For some it's high time the country's needs a change in its labour laws. "India needs to get out of the medieval mould. More importantly, the nexus between politicians and trade unions needs to be exposed," said Shubhendu Kumar who was present at the vigil. 

S K Mohanty, an advocate, who did not know Awanish but was there to support the cause, said "I don't know Awanish personally. But, if this has happened to Awanish, it can happen to any other person. We need to reform our labour laws. Moreover, the human resources officials and other top officers should stay in touch of their workers." 

Savijit Sharma, an employee in the HR department of Pepsico, said "It's the cause for which the entire HR fraternity has come to support and I'm part of it." 

Anil Sachdev, founder of the School for Inspired leadership, said "We need to get the government working and the people to take responsibility. The fact that instead of a dialogue, these people resorted to violence somewhere reflects that people have lost faith in the Indian 
Constitution and the government machinery."

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