Thursday, August 2, 2012

Why Team Anna to end Fast on Friday, to join Politics ?

Following the requests by eminent personalities, Team Anna members, who have been fasting since a week at Jantar Mantar, have decided to call off their fast at 5 pm on Friday.
Twenty eminent persons, including former Army chief VK Singh, on Thursday appealed to Team Anna to call off their indefinite fast. 
Meanwhile, Anti-corruption crusaders Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal have decided to provide a political option to the people. The Team members said that the country needs people's alternative to the government, which indicated that they would form a political party and to be the part of the political system. 
Addressing at Jantar Mantar to the scores of his supporters, Anna on Thursday said that his team was ready to offer a political alternative. He further spoke about where the funding for such an alternative will come from. 
Anna said "Political alternative will be found, we will travel across the country for the next two years." Anna's key aide Arvind Kejriwal, who is on fast since 9 days, said that the decision of the team was for a change in system. 
"Our movement is for the change of system and not change of government. Our movement is for decentralisation of power, power in the hands of the common man, power to people," said Kejriwal. 
Addressing the crowd at the fast venue, he slammed the government saying it is deaf and mute. "They do not want to pass the Lokpal Bill. All parties are corrupt. 90 per cent of the people want us to provide a political alternative", he said. 
Reacting to Anna's statement, Congress leader Ambika Soni said that now Team Anna's intention was clear."We were saying this from first day that Team Anna inspired by politics. It's good that their intentions are out in the open. It's best they come out and be part of the same system they abuse always. If they call off their fast, it's a good thing. Don't hold government to ransom. They have made their point and accusing the government of not bringing Lokpal is not true. It's passed in Lok Sabha and its now with Select Committee," she said.

Source: The Press Trust of India
Photo : Google

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