Friday, September 28, 2012

How to Manage Change ?

Nothing permanent in this universe. Change is the way of life. 

Only thing permanent in this universe is CHANGE.

HR People make 3 mistakes regarding change:

1. Assume that past solutions are good.

2. Believe that present trend will continue.

3. Think that unknown future is dangerous.

One should not commit these 3 mistakes. For that...

1. Constantly develop yourself. Keep ready, updated yourself.

2. Continuously train your people. Knowledge cannot be given. It can only be transferred with the help of training.

3. Give scope for the intuition, then temper it with your judgment.

4. Keep friendship with younger generation. Younger generation knows something more than us.

5. Don't be satisfied with status quo.

6. Fix higher and realistic but hard to achievable targets. So, your hidden capabilities naturally come out.

7. Take calculated risk.

8. Know that you are excellent. Believe in yourself.

9. Idea, however silly, share it, expose it, express it.

10. Do thought experiments.

11. Think of extremes and be mentally ready for the worse situation.

12. Help people, when you can.

13. Do odd things. Come out of routines. Try to enjoy the change and excitement.

14. Accept change.

15. Visit other plants, offices, factories, states, countries etc.

16. Last but not least. Who has to do all these?

You and only you can do it.

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